As promised...

Hi there again :)

Now, where to start? This is going to be a very long and pic heavy post. Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy :)

Jenny [she will be known to some of you as Razorblade Romance in NuS] sent me 10yards of white tubular crin - soon to be made into further cyber hairpieces. Remember my plan to have a blue-white outfit some day? I'm gathering materials at the moment. Still, I need heaps of wool. And tubular crin. And foam rubber. And satin ribbons.
Oooouh, it will be great *_*
I spent a few days with my mum last week and it was just lovely. We had plenty of plans, really awesome weather and just generally a wonderful time.

On Monday, we went on a bike trip through the forest, having stops here and there to drink tea, take photos or simply relax. We also went to the forest playground and sometimes I just love being the little girl again.
The plums were just perfect. Sweet, ripe and free of maggots. *_*
Look at the weather...and the view! Isn't that lovely?I know...mum and I hardly look like we were related to each other. But we are! Seriously! :D
Neither mum nor I are tooooo fussed about mushrooms, so we just let them were the belong: in the forest. I'm quite sure they would have been edible though.
Abandoned railway tracks in the middle of the forest. It looks great in autumnly daylight, but imagine it in dusk or dawn and with some fog...that would be haunting *shiver*

Inspired by the amazing Mademoiselle Chaos I decided to make some apple sauce myself and busied myself looking for apple trees - and windfalls. The apples might not look that yummy, but once the mushy bits were cut of, they were delicious.So Tuesday was dedicated all to cooking - we called it pumpkin day, as we wanted to try out some recipies with this magnificent vegetable: Soup, cake and pasta with pumpkin-and-sour-cream sauce. Nonnomnom, alltogether. *_*
The pumpkin and the carrot are from my grandparent's garden, the apples are some more windfalls from elsewhere.
Now that's what I call a carrot! :D
The recipes we cooked/baked/tried out. I really encourage you to try them out as well as long as there are still pumpkins around ;)
Mum trying to cut open the pumpkin...it wasn't especially easy, but we made it!
The more we cut it up, the more it seemed to become...
Lunch: Pasta with pumpkin-onion-and-sour-cream-sauce. Sooooo good!
We ended up with 6 jars of pumkin soup and 2 of apple sauce. Yumyum. I forgot to take a picture of the cake though^^

On Wednesday we went to a climbing forest and afterwards to granny's for dinner, but I don't have any pictures of that. Mum did also drive me, the bunny boys and heaps of stuff back home :)

Thursday we went shopping in Leipzig. I got new t-shirts and tights - part of it will end up in my everyday warderobe, the rest will go to the cyber compartment. Mum got herself a black satin corset - the next Goth party will be ours! xD

And as uni has got me back since today, I was a good girl and already did two thirds of the homework and went to the library to get some books. The green one is all about Russian grammar. As I didn't pass the exam in Russian in my first semester, [Shame on me >.>] I will go to at least some of the lectures for the first semester again. It depends on how much time I've got.
I was also very delighted to discover a DVD that goes more or less with the grammar...so I will listen to it every now and then. I really need to get a feeling for the russion language ._.

The orange book is on speech training. I decided to take it this semester already as it might come in quite handy, should I really decide on becoming an interpreter.One last thing: I love those free postcards you can get in clubs and bars...now look what I found in the weekend :D
[Anti: if you want one, mail me xD]@Nerd-Prinzessin: Dankedankedanke *_* Die Idee mit dem USB-Kabel ist göttlich...Schade, dass du kein Foto hast =/
@Anti: Auch dankeschön :) Ich fühl mich darin so sauigst wohl...wie du in Samt und Spitze vermutlich :D

Okay, enough for tonight. I still want to do some sewing and dancing and actually I need to do something for CyberCulture again too...I will be busy :D

Have a lovely night everyone :)


  1. oh my goth oh my goth....YES!
    öhm ja...muahaha bitte!das ist zu geil.....
    das fehlt mir definitiv*xbg*

  2. Whoa... what a carrot... awesome.
    I'm glad you had so much fun. I sooo missed you this week.
    That postcard is really cool.

  3. Ahhhhhh - warum gibts diese Karte hier nicht?? Ich hab nur nen Tourflyer von denen :(

  4. Die Karte *g*

    Die Karotte ist ja wohl der Hammer! ;-) Und das Makeup vom letzten Post gefällt mir auch ausgesprochen gut! :)