About the weekend

Hello you out there :)

Gee. Actually I still wanted to write a really detailed post about the time I spent with my mum, but I'm somehow not really in the mood for blogging. It will follow though. Promised.

Uni has started again today - yeah, I'll write about that later too. When I'm done with tidying up and doing homework.

Anyway, the weekend was simply AWESOME. We went out partying both on Friday and Saturday night, I danced a lot [I love it. Need.More.Industrial.Parties. *craaaaaaave*], we had heaps of fun together..."we" being me, my boyfriend [that wonderful man*_*], Ela, Michel aka Meister and Ilka aka Püppi. The picture was taken on Saturday Night, btw. I just love them, the whole lot. No one can beat the Malibu Crew! xDAnd I went crazy with crayons...more or less, but I liked the alliteration. :D I rather went crazy with liquid eyeliner, resulting in the following make-up for Friday and Sunday:
[It's all about connections xD]
I know the ECG not to be perfecet...I'll practise, because I want it to be perfect.

Stay tuned! :)


  1. Omg... Ich liebe dein Make-Up!
    Sowas platinen-ähnliches hatte ich auf dem Mera, mit giftgrün als Grundfarbe, aber leider kein einziges Foto davon :(
    & dazu dann USB-Kabel in den Haaren & so ^^

  2. sooo schöööön(blau)
    irgendwie passt es zu dir