The long overdue summary.

Hi there :)

Either I wasn't anywhere near my laptop or I simply didn't have the muse to blog; that's why it took me so long this time to publish another post.

First up: There was some more dirndl-action going on...Cao and I simply couldn't resist. :D [Btw: If one of the dresses were blue, I might even wear it. But wild horses couldn't drag me to the Wies'n.^^]
And now...I present everything [apart from the reparations] I made throughout my work experience or helped making. We sewed pieces of clothing for a boutique, so it was mostly not-so-ordinairy stuff from woolen, wildly-patterned fabrics. We usually took photos of one item only, but the models were always made in different sizes. Everyone at the Leihgarde, the Second Hand Store and the boutique was quite sorry to see me leave. Sure, staying longer would have been fun, but...uni is definitely more important now. Poor Cao...we had a great time together - including heaps of biscuits :D

And now? Now I'm back home after having spend a few days at my mum's [Where I will probably return to at the beginning of next week to do more muffin baking, enjoy more family time and pick out a few things from granny's sewing supplies] and had/have to sort out a few things.
Heavens, I wanted to do so much troughout the holidays and now they are nearly over and the list hasn't shrunk the slightest bit.

Oh, no, that was a lie just now...I read quite a lot. Gee, reading is so satisfying.

Bye for now :)


Random Stuff

Yeah...I'm fine, so just some random stuff today.

Breakfast with Sammy was lovely again [shame we won't be able to continue it when I'm back in Leipzig...but I'm also looking forward to returning home] and work was fun.

Cao has to sew a rain cape at the moment and the material is everything but a pleasure to deal with. Apart from that: She makes quite a nice bat...really gothy [is there such a word to adequately express the German "gruftig"? oO]I have a new hoodie, which is kind of zebra-patterned [Yes, I WILL dye it blue later :D] and as I discovered pants with a zebra print in the second hand store over the road [owned by the same guy in whose possession the "Leihgarde" is as well], we just had to complete this outift. I'm aware of the pants being rather ill-fitting.^^
Oh, and I did some egostroking today after work. As Cao hat to lock down the second hand store today, I went along and randomly tried on clothes: I'm down to a 36/38 now *_* Considering I used to be a 40/42 at the beginning of the year, I'm really pleased with myself. Now all I still need to get rid of is this redundant tummy flab.

Aaaaand I received heaps of new craft stuff today when the delivery arrived: Knitting frames, pliers, eyelets, buttons, light bulbs. Wonderful!You know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning? Go to the museum. There's an exhibition on at the moment which does sound really interesting: "What is beautiful?"

Good night everyone :)


Outside again.

The weekend...well, it was lovely. After work on Saturday Cao and I went dirndl-shopping and it was great fun. It's especially fun to spend money which is not your own :D

In the evening, my boyfriend and a friend of ours came here to visit me. We went to a party with Cao [but the party wasn't that great...just average] and on Sunday we enjoyed the afternoon outside and strolled through town. But as I haven't got pictures of this yet [Only Nico and Ilka took some, I had forgotten to take my camera along], I will write about this later.

After the two had left, I went to the park again. The plan had been going to the museum, but the weather was just toooo good. So, here are my impressions from this Sunday's park trip:

Balancing on one of those big blue pipes on the way to the park. As the pipe was quite broad, it wasn't too difficult though :)
Look whom I met:
I passed the Hygienemuseum, where I want to go to later this week. The building's architecture is very beautiful to me - pure, structured, straight lines. It reminds me a little bit of the BAUHAUS [which I really like]. Although the entrance hall of the museum is a bit too high too be truly bauhausian - too wasteful. These are only my thoughts on this building...and I haven't really got a clue about architecture. :DLook, how beautiful the sunrays are breaking through the leaves *_*
A very wonderful mosaique fountain...the colour gradient is just like water itself. Well; clean water.The leaves of the trees were mainly still a juicy green. I'm really looking forward to them all turning into different reds and yellows and oranges and browns. It will be like a grand display of fireworks.And suddenly I didn't want to walk any further, so I just laid down in the grass and looked up in the sky through the branches above me. It's a shame all the chestnut trees caught this bug. =/
It was just happiness. My smile just looks so funny as the sun was a little low already.I love the little bit of childhood which is still there within my...so I gathered chestnuts. I hope the big chestnut tree in front of grannys house is still full of those little prickly things when I'm there next week. :)Work today was okay. We had a dress from another shop in for some reparation and I just could'nt resist trying it on :D

Bye everyone =)


Friday Night...

...and I'm not going out. Instead of this, I'm sitting in front of my laptop, having a cup of tea next to me and listening - more or less voluntairily - to the noises in this house. There a lot of other people who also prefer to spend their Friday night at home - listening to very annoying music very loudly, shouting, hooting an the likes.
I can still enjoy Fever Ray though :)

Oh, by the way, the steam ironing continued today. Here's pictorial proof!
I'm trough with all the fabric, my arm does not hurt and yes, I did it all on my own accord - although Cao offered to take over from me.
We [Cao and me] are now having quite a fun task ahead of us: Shopping for the costume rental. In recent weeks, quite a large amount of people has been asking for dirndls and lederhosen. We just didn't have enough of that [and neither of white aprons without a bib] or not in the desired sizes, so the two of us will raid the stores tomorrow...It should be fun :D
After that, we'll go out at night...and my Beloved One is coming here again *_*

One last thing, before I switch of the laptop and go to bed with my book:
You might have noticed the Dshini-Banner below my blog's title. One click a day would be very kind. Yes, I know, it's just another kitchen appliance - but I want it :D

Have a wonderful start into the weekend everyone! ♥


Iron[ing] maiden

I admit it, the pun is bad :D
But I really did feel like that today. A delivery of about 38m of fabric arrived yesterday.
Yes, the turquoise-pink one is really violently colourful. Since the fabrics are all 80/20 wool-polyester-blends, they had to be steam ironed. I started today, I shall continue tomorrow.

When I drove home today, the clouds and the sun were creating a simply stunning image. The building in the middle is the Semper Opera, my camera would not focus on it better. But look a those sun rays *_*
You know what? I'm really looking forward to near future. Sure, uni will begin again and it will be quite stressful. But I'll see my beloved one again [the day after tomorrow hopefully], Mum, Dad, my grandparents, Dad is going to build me a new bed, I'll be going to a concert of Apocalyptica and so on...heaps of little things. They'll receive their very own post. :)


Sunny Sunday.

This Sunday did completely live up to its name. It was wonderful outside, so instead of going to the museum, Mum and I directly went to the park - the Großer Garten.
But let's take one at a time.

We did indeed go out last night and wandered around in the old part of town for a while before crossing the Carola bridge and moving on into Dresden's "New Town".
The old part of town seen from the bridge, wonderfully illuminated:
There wasn't as much going on in the new town as I had expected, so after a while we settled for a drink in a very cosy and cute bar called the "Wohnzimmer". We stayed in there for a while, then walked back to the tram stop and were home and in bed at about 3.30am.

Of course, we slept in on Sunday and didn't have breakfast until almost 1.30pm. The plan was to go to the museum afterwards, but we/I postponed ist for the wonderful weather - 22°C and a blue sky with just the odd cotton-wool cloud here and there.

Yes, the following part oft this post will be quite pic heavy again :D

I just loooooove climbing trees. Shame there are only so few really appropriate trees [such as beeches] around.
Mum & me in front of the Garden Palais
There were those really interesting plant-and-wool-and-other-materials sculptures. Of course I had to have a picture taken with me next to the blue one :D
Oh, do you still remember the lemonade tree from the Pippi-Longstocking-stories? We found one of those species.
Girl in the green Before I end this post: Some impressions from the Dahlia garden. The colours in the pictures are good for my cam, but they can hardly display the true and really impressive beauty of these flowers in full bloom and sunlight. The hand in the first picture is there for size comparison.Have a lovely start into the new week everyone :)


Mummy and pottery.

Although I really do like my work experience, I was very much looking foward to my "days off" and the weekend this week, the reason being that my mom was going to visit me. I'll come back to that later.

Last night at about 11pm I received a phone call. My boyfriend had spontaneously decided for himself to come to Dresden. *_*
Things like that make me love this man even more. No need to mention that he made my Friday and that I had a wonderful start into Saturday, eh?

Today my mum came here to visit me. I love spending time with her. You can spend a lazy day at home with her including a lot of hot drinks, work outside, go on trips...well, just enjoy the time with her. We were already joking about her getting a nice old farm out in the country and me moving back in with her. I love building cloud-castles like that.

We went into town, enjoyed the sun and the generally fine weather outside, had cake and coffee and went into a really gorgeous soap shop on the main street. I got a bar each of chocolate and lavender soap *.* Just a picture of the shop's inside. It was lovely and smelled sooooooo goooooood!

After that, we went to the pottery market. All the stalls had really pretty and practical pottery for sale; we immediatelly fell in love with some pieces of earthen crockery. Mum got herself a small red jug and bought me a blue and white milk pitcher - I've been wanting one of those for ages! Thank you! *_*
And the decoration! Flowers and fruits, all matching the weather and the season wonderfully!
No more words now, just impressions:
We actually wanted to go into town now to see the buildings like the Semper opera illuminated at night and furtheron into the Neustadt to have a drink - Mum quite liked the alternative spirit of this part of town this afternoon.

We shall see. :)