The long overdue summary.

Hi there :)

Either I wasn't anywhere near my laptop or I simply didn't have the muse to blog; that's why it took me so long this time to publish another post.

First up: There was some more dirndl-action going on...Cao and I simply couldn't resist. :D [Btw: If one of the dresses were blue, I might even wear it. But wild horses couldn't drag me to the Wies'n.^^]
And now...I present everything [apart from the reparations] I made throughout my work experience or helped making. We sewed pieces of clothing for a boutique, so it was mostly not-so-ordinairy stuff from woolen, wildly-patterned fabrics. We usually took photos of one item only, but the models were always made in different sizes. Everyone at the Leihgarde, the Second Hand Store and the boutique was quite sorry to see me leave. Sure, staying longer would have been fun, but...uni is definitely more important now. Poor Cao...we had a great time together - including heaps of biscuits :D

And now? Now I'm back home after having spend a few days at my mum's [Where I will probably return to at the beginning of next week to do more muffin baking, enjoy more family time and pick out a few things from granny's sewing supplies] and had/have to sort out a few things.
Heavens, I wanted to do so much troughout the holidays and now they are nearly over and the list hasn't shrunk the slightest bit.

Oh, no, that was a lie just now...I read quite a lot. Gee, reading is so satisfying.

Bye for now :)


  1. Oh, das Blümchenkleid und das Matrosenkleidchen sind ja süß :)

  2. Great works! :D Kompliment an euch beide! :)

  3. Come back, please come back!! *waves with biscuits*
    Ah, I miss you already so much, girl. The new intern is sooo unfunny and uptight (and I don't think I'll get out that stick that's up her ass).

    We were really busy, these are just your items and co-productions *lol*. I think there are the last items even missing. I'll send them as soon as I meet you online.
    I need to tell you sooo much news from the shop...