Iron[ing] maiden

I admit it, the pun is bad :D
But I really did feel like that today. A delivery of about 38m of fabric arrived yesterday.
Yes, the turquoise-pink one is really violently colourful. Since the fabrics are all 80/20 wool-polyester-blends, they had to be steam ironed. I started today, I shall continue tomorrow.

When I drove home today, the clouds and the sun were creating a simply stunning image. The building in the middle is the Semper Opera, my camera would not focus on it better. But look a those sun rays *_*
You know what? I'm really looking forward to near future. Sure, uni will begin again and it will be quite stressful. But I'll see my beloved one again [the day after tomorrow hopefully], Mum, Dad, my grandparents, Dad is going to build me a new bed, I'll be going to a concert of Apocalyptica and so on...heaps of little things. They'll receive their very own post. :)


  1. You make it sound like I forced you to iron the wool mass... you volunteered! ;)
    Those sunrays are really beautiful...
    And ooooh Apocalyptica *I want too*

    See ya tomorrow

  2. I never said you made me! :D
    Of course I volunteered...well, I'm bribeable with biscuits and other sweets xD

  3. *ironing maiden*, ich schmeiß mich weg...! :D
    Das Bild mit der Semperoper ist total schön.

  4. Hab ich was verpasst? Warum brauchst du so viel Stoff? o_0