Outside again.

The weekend...well, it was lovely. After work on Saturday Cao and I went dirndl-shopping and it was great fun. It's especially fun to spend money which is not your own :D

In the evening, my boyfriend and a friend of ours came here to visit me. We went to a party with Cao [but the party wasn't that great...just average] and on Sunday we enjoyed the afternoon outside and strolled through town. But as I haven't got pictures of this yet [Only Nico and Ilka took some, I had forgotten to take my camera along], I will write about this later.

After the two had left, I went to the park again. The plan had been going to the museum, but the weather was just toooo good. So, here are my impressions from this Sunday's park trip:

Balancing on one of those big blue pipes on the way to the park. As the pipe was quite broad, it wasn't too difficult though :)
Look whom I met:
I passed the Hygienemuseum, where I want to go to later this week. The building's architecture is very beautiful to me - pure, structured, straight lines. It reminds me a little bit of the BAUHAUS [which I really like]. Although the entrance hall of the museum is a bit too high too be truly bauhausian - too wasteful. These are only my thoughts on this building...and I haven't really got a clue about architecture. :DLook, how beautiful the sunrays are breaking through the leaves *_*
A very wonderful mosaique fountain...the colour gradient is just like water itself. Well; clean water.The leaves of the trees were mainly still a juicy green. I'm really looking forward to them all turning into different reds and yellows and oranges and browns. It will be like a grand display of fireworks.And suddenly I didn't want to walk any further, so I just laid down in the grass and looked up in the sky through the branches above me. It's a shame all the chestnut trees caught this bug. =/
It was just happiness. My smile just looks so funny as the sun was a little low already.I love the little bit of childhood which is still there within my...so I gathered chestnuts. I hope the big chestnut tree in front of grannys house is still full of those little prickly things when I'm there next week. :)Work today was okay. We had a dress from another shop in for some reparation and I just could'nt resist trying it on :D

Bye everyone =)

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  1. oh so schöne bilder,sind klasse geworden
    aaahhh kastanien...die rocken,egal wie alt man ist,oder?