Breakfast and nurses.

It was sooooo typical. Usually, I can sleep in until midmorning. Not so today. As I wanted to got to Sammy's for breakfast, I had to get up at abaout 7am. The time is okay by itself - nut not, if you didn't get to sleep until 4am. I simply wasn't tired, so I wrote a blog entry, an email and washed the dishes.

Breakfast with Sammy was lovely. [Oh, by the way, if you like make-up and DIY, you should check out her blog. It's really worth reading!] I got fresh buns from the bakery and she offered 27 different kinds of tea to choose from. The one with peaches and lavender was sooo yummy *_*
We had a great morning, chatting, drinking tea, looking through old photos and taking new ones. Yes, we do both look rather funny :D
At work today I finished a skirt I started yesterday and turned a plain white shirt dress into a nurse's dress. Well, kind of. All I did was sew a red cross onto the chest, which was a little difficult as the white material was stretchy and the red one wasn't. With a little help from Cao and an some "iron-on-glue" [I forgot the proper name of that stuff, though ist was really useful. Shame on me^^]
I quite like the dress though: It's practical, comfy and the pattern seems to be quite easy. The details - pockets, hood, zipper - are just what I like on something to wear for my everyday clothes.
I will definitely sew one of those for myself sometime - in blue of course.

Byebye =)


  1. Hehe, that "iron-on-glue" stuff is called Vliesofix in German or Wonder Under in English... (what a matching name ^^)