Where/Why has summer gone so suddenly?

Surprise, surprise! There are not only storm and rain here in Dresden.

In fact, as I drove to work this morning, I was pleasantly surprised by what a really fine and clear autumn day ist was. Many people knew how to use it best: Outside.

Of course, it was almost noon already [I don't start work until 12 am], so I didn't have the time to for a little stroll along the river. One future day - soon hopefully - I will get up earlier and go outside to enjoy nature.

I discovered it only today: There is quite a large park not far from where I live. See the small grey box on the left border of the map? It's the main station, I live close to it. And the big green square...well, that's the park.

Unfortunately, the weather gods seem to dislike me - rain was announced for every single morning, sometimes even the entire day, this week. Quite bad framework conditions for a trip to the park.

To me, it is definitely autumn already. It's not supposed to start until the 21st of this month, but well...it's too chilly, too rainy, the sky is very often too windswept to still consider it "late summer". Only once in the recent weeks I saw those small cobwebs, spread out over hedges and between grass stalks with little drops of dew caught in them, which are typical for gossamer.
Yet the trees are still beclouded with the rich, juicy green of their leaves, with hints of yellow only here and there.
I'm looking forward to autumn, with the summer having been so short.

I'm waiting for the leaves to turn colourful, to go to the park and enjoy the last rays of warm sunlight, to giggle and run into piles of leaves, maybe to even collect mushrooms...no poisonuos ones though^^

And I'm looking forward to rainy, misty, chilly days to spend inside with beloved ones and books and music and tea and candles and snuggly blankets and movies and trying out cake recipes and sewing and the smell and taste of fresh homemade bread and redecorating the flat and carving pumpkins and soup and...well, I'm not looking forward to homework, but it will be a part of my autumn too as uni will start again on the first of october.

Goodbye for now. :)

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  1. Last few days I spent writing my B.A.-paper sun was shining, warm wather, late summer atmosphere. Just in the second I left the house after having finished my work the sky filled with clouds and the rain came -.-