Somebunny to drink tea with.

Look who sat at the front door of our shop this morning:
Someone probably lost him. He was gone by the end of the day, so Cao and I hope the real owner came back to take him home.

The day at work was very instructive and slightly frustrating. Sewing fake sheep fur really is a pain in the ass, but now I know what the difficulties are and how to deal with them :)

Kindly, Cao left me the documents from her apprenticeship on sewing a collar - pictured, detailled and with an exmaple to touch. So I'll try collar sewing tomorrow. :)

This week, I enjoyed a different kind of very fine tea every night. A good friend of mine, Daniel [whom I infected with the sewing virus...he's just started to learn it], sent me 6 different kinds of wonderful loose teas. They are luxurious!
[I usually only have bagged teas, which are also yummy, but rather for everyday use than real enjoyment.]

Tonight's tea was White Tea. Yes, I know, given the name the colour is disappointing xD But look at the the beautiul floral pattern on the teacup and the saucer *.*
The tea as such is a little too bitter for my liking [or I left it in the water for too long], but it has very fine and subtle smoky notes and tastes slightly of dried apricotes [which I love.]
I should have written a tea review every night, I just notice, considering it is already Thursday.
Next time; Daniel promised to send me more tea.

Have a lovely night everyone.


  1. also wenn tee,dann bitte mit so einer stilechten tasse(ok ich bin koffeinjunkie,aber trotzdem)
    ohje der arme hase...eine nacht ohne bett,ich hoffe das er abgeholt wird.