Soooo much fabric!

Actually I wanted to get up earlier than 11 a.m. this morning, but heeeeyyy...I arrived at work in time and wasn't the slightest bit tired. Nice one :D

The working day started with a lot of serging needing to be done, so I worked with the serger for a while. Dealing with this device is a small science for itself. The serging works, but I always left it to Cao to thread in the yarn.
We got ourselves organized like in a small factory with her sewing and me serging things. Funnily she, wearing a pink cardigan, made the red skirts, while I, wearing my favourite blue t-shirt, serged the turquoise pieces of fabric at the same time. It just matched :D
And than, there it was: The box with the fabric scraps. I was allowed to go through it, pick out what I wanted to have and there were some really beautiful and useful fabrics in there, but also patterned, artificial stuff which was just....well, nothing one could really use further. A lot of what I found I'll probably make into tops, hair pieces like those tubes and other hair accessoires like small bows. We shall see.

Yes. The heap on the right is the entire content of the white container and it did all fit in there. You just needed to push^^ It looked more dramatic in real life though.

Bye for now =)

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  1. You totally forgot to mention that the scrap bin is now only half as full as before your going through *muahaha*
    We'll see how long it'll take to get it full again...