Mummy and pottery.

Although I really do like my work experience, I was very much looking foward to my "days off" and the weekend this week, the reason being that my mom was going to visit me. I'll come back to that later.

Last night at about 11pm I received a phone call. My boyfriend had spontaneously decided for himself to come to Dresden. *_*
Things like that make me love this man even more. No need to mention that he made my Friday and that I had a wonderful start into Saturday, eh?

Today my mum came here to visit me. I love spending time with her. You can spend a lazy day at home with her including a lot of hot drinks, work outside, go on trips...well, just enjoy the time with her. We were already joking about her getting a nice old farm out in the country and me moving back in with her. I love building cloud-castles like that.

We went into town, enjoyed the sun and the generally fine weather outside, had cake and coffee and went into a really gorgeous soap shop on the main street. I got a bar each of chocolate and lavender soap *.* Just a picture of the shop's inside. It was lovely and smelled sooooooo goooooood!

After that, we went to the pottery market. All the stalls had really pretty and practical pottery for sale; we immediatelly fell in love with some pieces of earthen crockery. Mum got herself a small red jug and bought me a blue and white milk pitcher - I've been wanting one of those for ages! Thank you! *_*
And the decoration! Flowers and fruits, all matching the weather and the season wonderfully!
No more words now, just impressions:
We actually wanted to go into town now to see the buildings like the Semper opera illuminated at night and furtheron into the Neustadt to have a drink - Mum quite liked the alternative spirit of this part of town this afternoon.

We shall see. :)