Random Stuff

Yeah...I'm fine, so just some random stuff today.

Breakfast with Sammy was lovely again [shame we won't be able to continue it when I'm back in Leipzig...but I'm also looking forward to returning home] and work was fun.

Cao has to sew a rain cape at the moment and the material is everything but a pleasure to deal with. Apart from that: She makes quite a nice bat...really gothy [is there such a word to adequately express the German "gruftig"? oO]I have a new hoodie, which is kind of zebra-patterned [Yes, I WILL dye it blue later :D] and as I discovered pants with a zebra print in the second hand store over the road [owned by the same guy in whose possession the "Leihgarde" is as well], we just had to complete this outift. I'm aware of the pants being rather ill-fitting.^^
Oh, and I did some egostroking today after work. As Cao hat to lock down the second hand store today, I went along and randomly tried on clothes: I'm down to a 36/38 now *_* Considering I used to be a 40/42 at the beginning of the year, I'm really pleased with myself. Now all I still need to get rid of is this redundant tummy flab.

Aaaaand I received heaps of new craft stuff today when the delivery arrived: Knitting frames, pliers, eyelets, buttons, light bulbs. Wonderful!You know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning? Go to the museum. There's an exhibition on at the moment which does sound really interesting: "What is beautiful?"

Good night everyone :)


  1. na das war mir ja mal dezent klar das das zebra blau wird^^
    genial,alles andere hätte mich auch gewundert^^

  2. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Hab mich sehr gefreut! :)


  3. Ui, du bist wohl ab und zu mal in Dresden, hm? :)