"The good ones go into the pot, the bad ones go into your crop."

I felt a bit like that today when I went through 6 or 7 boxes of buttons in search for
the one button which would most match the ones on a wonderful black woollen coat - where one had gone missing without a trace. I didn't find a perfect one, but, luckily, one looked alike enough so I could use it.
Anyway, this was the reason for me naming this post after Cinderella:
[Gnah... -.- Whenever someone takes a picture of me, there's usually a detail about me I don't like. But yeah, I know, I'm silly.]

Oh, yeah, there's a change to how I am going to blog from now on: It will be all in English.
I'm too lazy to make it bilingually^^ Surely everyone of my readers will still be able to understand what I'm writing about. If not; dict.cc is wonderful in this respect.
As I tried to sort out my timetable for the upcoming term last night I noticed that my English is neither really at the level it could be nor at the level I want it to be. So writing the blog in English is just for me to practise good, written English. It won't do any harm. You're all welcome to leave comments in German though :D

Some words concerning my "diet": Well...only drinks for me from tomorrow on. Tea, fruit and vegetable juices. I got myself protein powder and wheat bran today [which is very rich in nutritional fibre] to not run absolutely low on vitamins, trace minerals and whatever else my body needs in order to stay healthy, but I'll really have to cut out on fruit and crisp bread. Otherwise I'll catch myself creeping to the kitchen cupboard every night which is
not good. Luckily, the fridge is empty at the moment apart from some veggies. I'll keep it like that.

See ya soon =)

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  1. in ENGLISH?? aber ...aber.... *wäääh*
    ich hatte zwar 3 jahre englisch-LK aber...in deutsch isses doch einfacher :D
    naja, dann eben in englisch :)