Sunny Sunday.

This Sunday did completely live up to its name. It was wonderful outside, so instead of going to the museum, Mum and I directly went to the park - the Großer Garten.
But let's take one at a time.

We did indeed go out last night and wandered around in the old part of town for a while before crossing the Carola bridge and moving on into Dresden's "New Town".
The old part of town seen from the bridge, wonderfully illuminated:
There wasn't as much going on in the new town as I had expected, so after a while we settled for a drink in a very cosy and cute bar called the "Wohnzimmer". We stayed in there for a while, then walked back to the tram stop and were home and in bed at about 3.30am.

Of course, we slept in on Sunday and didn't have breakfast until almost 1.30pm. The plan was to go to the museum afterwards, but we/I postponed ist for the wonderful weather - 22°C and a blue sky with just the odd cotton-wool cloud here and there.

Yes, the following part oft this post will be quite pic heavy again :D

I just loooooove climbing trees. Shame there are only so few really appropriate trees [such as beeches] around.
Mum & me in front of the Garden Palais
There were those really interesting plant-and-wool-and-other-materials sculptures. Of course I had to have a picture taken with me next to the blue one :D
Oh, do you still remember the lemonade tree from the Pippi-Longstocking-stories? We found one of those species.
Girl in the green Before I end this post: Some impressions from the Dahlia garden. The colours in the pictures are good for my cam, but they can hardly display the true and really impressive beauty of these flowers in full bloom and sunlight. The hand in the first picture is there for size comparison.Have a lovely start into the new week everyone :)

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